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This page catalogs all the samples in RIM’s GitHub Organization through several tables generated from a JSON file. Also see the list of [All Repos].

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There are samples optionally annotated with T, ? C and ! tooltips and organized into 4 tables. The tables can be sorted on one or more columns: to select multiple columns select the next column while pressing the 'SHIFT' (on mac) key.
Common tags: bb10, bbm, cascades, html5, java, native, nfc, playbook, qt.

The samples use other tags you can use to further refine your search:

Extensions tags: ext-bbos, ext-pb, ext-bb10

The tables list the repository hosting each sample, in some cases shortening the name for presentation purposes. Samples come from repos:

  • Create a separate, additional catalog for all OSS samples:
    • No tables at all
    • Track author
    • Track AppWorld id
    • Project anywhere, not just
    • Maybe select by several tags?
  • Need better visuals on what elements are clickable (Reset and tag names)
  • Need different tags for "playbook, may run on bb10 but have not yet tested" from "playbook only"
  • At the same time, fix the BB10 column in Samples so it can be sorted
  • Should consolidate the number of tags
  • Decide whether to split Native into Cascades vs the rest
  • Improve visual presentation of collapse/expand; maybe use down/right icons
  • Make Zebra striping work after narrowing
  • Decide how to hande Wiki pages in samples repo
  • The code that decides on "other" samples is fragile
  • The JavaScript code needs cleanup
  • Consider more correctly tracking history; anchors from box break it and so do tags. Something like history.js?

We always welcome your feedback on how to best present information in this and related pages.

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The samples listed in this table are actually production-ready applications.

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