BlackBerry® Samples for Java™

The BlackBerry® Samples for Java™ project is an open-source repository of samples that in the past were released through the BlackBerry Developer Knowledge Base, or within the BlackBerry Java Tools. The samples range in scope from Hello World, to Advanced UI components, and include both samples and libraries that offer extended functionality.

This project is open sourced under the Apache 2.0 license.


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Source Repositories

Repository Description Contributors
BlackBerry JDE Samples Contains the source code for samples provided in the BlackBerry JDE and BlackBerry Java Plug-in for Eclipse. These samples cover the many APIs available in the BlackBerry Java SDK. See List
BlackBerry Samples for Java Contains the source code for samples previously released through the BlackBerry Developer Knowledge Base. These samples include workarounds, tools, and libraries that extend the BlackBerry Java SDK. Of particular note is the Advanced UI library that includes many advanced buttons, fields and managers. There is also a Titlebar API that backports the BlackBerry OS6 Titlebar API to 4.2.1 through 5.0. See List

Project Details

The BlackBerry JDE Samples repository includes all the samples released in each version of the SDK. The samples are branched by SDK version.

The BlackBerry Samples-for-Java repository includes samples from a variety of sources starting with the following. More will be released over time.

  1. Advanced UI A collection of buttons, managers and other UI components many of which can be customized, and all can be used immediately in your projects. Supports multiple SDKs through preprocessor directives.

  2. Analytics The sample app that is provided with the BlackBerry Analytics SDK.

  3. Simple Location API A library that simplifies the use of Geolocation in your application.

  4. Titlebar A library that provides an API similar to the OS6 Titlebar API for projects built with SDK 4.2.1 through 5.0.

  5. YouTube Client A sample that shows how to work with the YouTube Data API using the BlackBerry OS6 Communication API.