Ripple is a platform agnostic mobile application development and emulation tool. It allows a web developer to work in a browser testing environment, preserving the typical edit and refresh cycle, while exposing advanced debugging tools such as web inspector on their application content. Ripple works well with Apache Cordova, and therefore with BlackBerry WebWorks as well.

BlackBerry contributed the full source base of Ripple to the Apache foudnation. It is currently in the Incubator phase, and we encourage interested developers to get involved in the project.

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Project Details

Ripple is a new approach to mobile web application testing and eumlation. Building on the typical web developer paradigm of editor of choice combined with rapid refreshes, Ripple allows the developer to quickly see how their application will look on multiple mobile platforms. Further, it allows for emulation of APIs used in the application, such as advanced HMTL5, BlackBerry WebWorks, and AdobeĀ® PhoneGap.

Platform Support

Ripple allows you to target multiple mobile web application frameworks and test your application. You can choose from many device profiles for each platform, to get a true layout picture. * Apache Cordova * BlackBerry WebWorks * Adobe PhoneGap * Mobile Web

Emulation and Debugging

  • Ripple allows you to inject values for application framework events into your emulated application, as well as set values to return for API calls, such as Geolocation and contacts information.
  • The emulated set of APIs reflects those avaiable on your current chosen platform, so you will always know how your application will perform against a given platform.
  • Ripple includes access to Web Inspector and all of its associated debugging functionality.