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Currently the runtime for BlackBerry WebWorks on the BlackBerry smartphones is based on Java while that for the BlackBerry PlayBook is based on Adobe AIR. WebWorks is fully Open Sourced and is developed transparently. The implementation for BlackBerry Smartphones was open sourced at DevCon 2010 America (Blog) and the components and tools have followed since.

WebWorks is aligned with Apache Cordova.

WebWorks is the main way to deliver WebGL-based applications.

WebWorks repositories at GitHub include:

Articles and Posts

RIM’s posts at DevBlog

The main blog is DevBlog, under the Web-Development category.

As a sample, here are the 3 most recent entries as of the latest update to this page:

  • BlackBerry 10 Jam Interview with Mippin -VIDEO-
  • Hey JavaScript developers! We’re hiring.
  • BlackBerry 10 WebWorks SDK and Ripple Emulator Refreshed

More RIM Articles

Main repository is the Knowkledge Base (website, RSS feed).

The Knowledge Base supports searching and well as filtering; some useful filters are:

As a sample, here are the 3 most recent entries as of the latest update to this page:

  • How to detect the BlackBerry Browser
  • How to Use the BlackBerry WebWorks Plug-in for Eclipse
  • How to debug BlackBerry web applications using Web Inspector


  • Quick WebWorks lesson: how to have your app running in the background, by NunoDonato
  • Geofencing app, in under 24hrs (BlackBerry WebWorks and Community APIs), by NunoDonato
  • Webworks lesson learnt today: banner notifications, by NunoDonato


Gord Tanner, Laurent Hasson, Ken Wallis, …

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