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The BlackBerry® Community Wiki is authored collectively by the BlackBerry community. The wiki covers the following topics:


Pages are short overviews of components, technology, or any other topic. The goal of these pages is to point the reader to the right place where to get more detailed information. See All Pages.


These are longer pieces that cover a topic in detail. See All Articles


Slides from different presentations by RIM and non-RIM employees. See All Presentations.


Short news on activities related to BlackBerry Development, with an emphasis on Open Source. See All News.


A final set of pages documents the Operation and Technology of the Wiki.


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Wiki Technology

The location of this wiki and the technology it uses may change over time. If and when a change happens, we will migrate the content to the new location and infrastructure.

The current instance of this Wiki uses GitHub Pages using Markdown and Jekyll. The benefits of this approach are discussed here.

There are two main repositories: one for the released Wiki and the other for the staged Wiki.

Terms and Conditions

Content to this Wiki is available under the following Terms and Conditions. Some of the content is authored by individuals that are RIM employees; content provided here is intended to be accurate but should not be interpreted as representing the official position of RIM; for that, check the official web sites.