How to Contribute News

You can submit news for the Latest Community News page by editing directly the corresponding markdown page,

You will need to login into GitHub, but you can use GitHub’s inline visual file editing ([1], [2], [3]).

Use the template at the bottom of this page and replace the fields as appropriate, then place your submission at the top of the page so the latest news show first and save your changes.

Behind the covers, GitHub will create a fork, do a commit and issue a pull request. If you have push rights on this repository the change will apply immediatedly. If not, a community editor will review and accept your contribution.

Community editors will regularly review the Latest_News page, will create news entries accessible from the Main News Page and will reset the page for the next batch.

Sample News Submission

Short Title

Longer description

Source: by link-to-Somebody, at link-to-OriginalSource, on Month Date, Year
Source: by link-to-Somebody, on Month Date, Year