Wanted Pages

A list of all the wanted pages; some are just Names with brief notes; some are pages under construction.
Editors will periodically do passes through the names and create pages that can be edited easily
As you complete a page, remember to remove it from here and add it to All Pages, Recent Pages and the common-defs map


  • Ogre3D web - @lynxluna works on it
  • Update slides with links to http://www.blackberryjamworldtour.com/presentations
  • BB10 Apps Screencasts - smugrik: @BlackBerryDev what about a video?? this is an alpha demo of my app, a monome arc controller for #BB10 http://t.co/hPRmKmj0
  • NFC - add http://helpblog.blackberry.com/2012/03/create-and-share-nfc-smart-tags/
  • OggVorbis - Explain that Gameplay supports it, that its repo is available, and that its not (currently) on BB10 device. Also add DevBlog post
  • Mono - Point to @roblillack, roblillack@github, monoberry and fork of mono
  • libKML -
  • Tutorials - n4bb p1 and n4bb p2
  • Icons - where to get them; see Forum Thread - Also see http://openclipart.org/
  • How to Contribute Changes to Samples (fork… CA… etc)
  • How to Contribute a new Sample (…)
  • GNU tools pages - forums
  • Ruby on BB10 - Tweet
  • PKZip port.
  • Invocation Framework. Link to samples and to DevBlog Post
  • Scheduling Boards - Add page to record the new roadmaps.