Propose a New Page

This page describes in detail How to Propose a New Page in the Wiki.

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Search for Page

Start by checking if the page you want to propose already exists. Look for the search link in the navigation (left-hand side) menu:

Then follow that link to a Google search page that is configured for the Community Page as the “site:” attribute.

Check if a Request Already Exists

If the page does not exist the next step is to check if somebody has already requested the page. Look at the navigation menu, now follow the link labeled: “Request Page”

This will open a page on the pagewanted Issues on the Community Repository:


If you don’t see what you want there, you can now create a new issue by clicking on the button labeled New Issue. will next ask you to login if you have not done so…

… and Submit a new Issue

Now just create an issue for your page request using the pagewanted label.

The level of detail will vary depending on the specifics of the pag: the snapshow below corresponds to a request to create a new page for Warsaw (#69) which can be done by just cloning one of the existing pages for other cities.