Python is a readable, easy-to-learn, and high-level programming language (Wikipedia) first released in 1991 and now used by many organizations. The BlackBerry PlayBook and BlackBerry 10 devices include a port of Python 3.2, and support apps written with it via a Python entry point.

The BB-Py Project is a community-driven effort to build on this capability by providing UI frameworks (currently PySide on Qt), support libraries, code samples, tools, and documentation. The goal is to support the development of complete BlackBerry 10 apps, with the UI written using QML and Cascades, and the “business logic” or back-end code written entirely in Python.


A variety of samples are under development (see the wiki).

Of particular note is the QML LiveView utility which allows you to render .qml files stored in the shared area on your PlayBook/BlackBerry 10 device. You can edit the files via WiFi/USB connection using your PC-based text editor, and see the page re-rendered immediately upon saving, giving you instant feedback as to how the page will appear and behave on the actual target device.


Contact the project team or stay informed:

  • Email: bbpyproject (at)
  • Twitter: @BBPyProject
  • IRC: #bbx-python on (if no one is there, try in #BlackBerryDev)

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