TunnelTilt is a simple game that showcases the WebGL implementation in BlackBerry PlayBook (requires PlayBook 2.0) and BlackBerry 10, using the device accelerometer to guide a glowing ball through a twisting tunnel with obstacles.

Full sources for the game are available at GitHub with a permissive Open Source license, ASL2; see the tunneltilt directory in the WebGL-Samples repo.

Also see the DevBlog announcement dated March 2012.

Playing TunnelTilt

TunnelTilt is available as a free app at the BlackBerry App World.

TunnelTilt can also be played through a modern desktop browser by visiting this page.

The game also runs within the PlayBook Browser but tilting is disabled to avoid confusions with a change of orientation and course navigation is done using touch events (or the mouse!). Also, the first time you play the game you will will be asked for permission to run WebGL on the browser.

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